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The E-Hymns online shop will be closing at the end of March 2016. After 1st April it will no longer be possible to buy MIDI hymns directly from this site.

However it will still be possible, for a limited period, to email requests via the 'Contact Us' link, and we will endeavour to accommodate your requirements for the time being. We will need the Source Number for any requests placed in this manner (e.g HP123, MX100 etc), therefore it is recommended that you print and keep a copy of the main index for reference.


Almost every modern digital organ, piano and keyboard has MIDI sockets on the back.

MIDI stands for the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and is a universal standard, established back in 1985, that enables musical instruments and computers to communicate.

are pre-recorded MIDI files of hymn accompaniments that will enable any MIDI-equipped instrument to 'play itself’. If you are ever stuck for an organist or keyboard player, e-hymns will provide the answer.

We have over 1400 accompaniments available, each are individual performances recorded especially for the words of the particular hymn. In every case there is an introduction and a specified number of verses, and in many cases special harmonisations are provided for the last verse.

The MIDI files that you purchase can be downloaded instantly. Once saved to your hard-disk you can play them from your PC’s soundcard, or copy them to a 3½” floppy or USB memory stick for use with Church Organs, Keyboards, or a MIDI File Player such as Roland’s MT series.